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An Outline History of Legal Science in China
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An Outline History of Legal Science in China

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Basic Information

  • Author: He Qinhua
  • Publisher: Wolters & Kluwer (Law & Business)
  • ISBN: 9789881343055
  • Published In: October 2016
  • Format: Bound Book
  • Jurisdiction: China
  • Product Code: 1975C


An Outline History of Legal Science in China discusses the stages of birth, development, flourishing, maturity and decay of the science of law in ancient China, and its formation in modern China. It discusses the formation and development of various disciplines of the science of law in ancient China, as well as the social and historical background in which these disciplines formed and developed. It also provides summaries of famous legal works and of the views of legalists from all major periods of Chinese history, commenting on their historical role and significance. Furthermore, it states the author’s basic views on the development of science of law. 

Brief write up of the product

This book is an introduction of history of laws in China, it covers about 2500 years from the beginning of laws in China at the period of Spring and Autumn and Warring States, to the relatively mature stage in modern and contemporary times.

Key Benefits (How will readers profit from reading this title)

Readers will gain a good understanding of history of laws in China :

  • a brief introduction of the general ideas in the field of judiciary and legislation
  • important issues of China’s laws: is there any laws in ancient China? What event or law marks the beginning of China’s laws? What are the differences between ancient laws and modern laws in China or even around the world?
  • indispensable matters readers should know for research of history of laws in China : stages of development of China’s law; conceptions of ancient world of law that lead the development of laws; law experts and their work; Chinese law system influenced by western law systems; and contributions made by China to the world in the field of law.

Key Features (what are the salient points to this publication)

The salient features of this book are:

  • Professional: The author of the book is He Qinhua, a Professor of Law and Ph.D. Candidate Supervisor in East China University of Political Science and Law, who has deep insights of history of laws in China.
  • Easy to read: One-stop introduction written in easily digestible English.

Topics Covered

  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1 The Origins of Legal Science in Ancient China: The Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods (770-221BCE)
  • Chapter 2 The Birth of Legal Science in Ancient China: The Qin and Han Periods (221 BCE - 220 CE )
  • Chapter 3 The Development of Legal Science in Ancient China: The Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties (220-581 CE)
  • Chapter 4 The Booming Phase of Legal Science in Ancient China: The Sui and Tang Dynasties (AD 581 – AD 960)
  • Chapter 5 The Maturation of Legal Science in Ancient China: The Song and Yuan Dynasties (AD 960 -1367)
  • Chapter 6 The Decline of Chinese Ancient Jurisprudence—The Ming and Qing Dynasties (AD 1368-1900)
  • Chapter 7 Growing up of China’s Modern Law—from the Late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China(1900-1949)
  • Chapter 8 Changes in Juristic Science of Modern Law in China—the People’s Republic of China(1949-)

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