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The Journal of World Trade (Online Journal)
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The Journal of World Trade (Online Journal)

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The Journal of World Trade (Online Journal)

Far and away the most thought-provoking and informative journal in its field, the Journal of World Trade sets the agenda for both scholarship and policy initiatives in this most critical area of international relations. It is the only journal which deals authoritatively with the most crucial issues affecting world trade today.

With penetrating, in-depth analysis, the Journal examines the relationship between the separate and interconnected regional and global integration processes stemming from today’s challenging multilateral trading structure. The operation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the expansion of the European integration process, and especially the ongoing development of the World Trade Organization have each raised complex questions that cut across many disciplines: economic, political, social and legal. The constant evolution of the international trading system, changes in production and distribution technologies, and demands by individuals for progress in the sphere of social welfare all heighten the need for this platform for the creative consideration of the various trends in world trade.

The Journal of World Trade fills this need, focusing on multilateral, regional, and bilateral trade negotiations, on various anti-dumping and unfair trade practices issues, and on the endless succession of vital new issues that arise constantly in this turbulent field of activity. The approach is consistently multidisciplinary.

Scholars, government officials, and negotiators turn to the Journal of World Trade when they seek to expose ground-breaking theses, to make important policy statements, to or offer in-depth analysis and discussion of delicate trade issues.

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