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China Laws for Financial Compliance (NEW)
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China Laws for Financial Compliance (NEW)

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China Laws for Financial Compliance (NEW)

In the era of asset management, frequent changes on compliance and regulations are constantly changing the rules in the financial sector. Financial corporations in industries like banking, insurance, securities, internet finance, trusts, futures are under all kinds of pressures with the new compliance and regulations. An all-in-one, timely information solution becomes the pain-point for all financial corporations. To address the above issues, Wolters Kluwer introduced a new online platform for China Financial Compliance Laws to help tackle below problems:

  • How to get the most updated compliance updates in a timely manner?
  • How can compliance officers make accurate, informed decisions to react?
  • How to complete compliance tasks in a highly efficient way with the help of professional tools?

Dynamic Updates

  • Offers latest updates from all financial regulators in the China Government
  • Updates include latest rules and regulations published, penalty decisions made, industry monitoring and other value-added information.

Expert Interpretation

  • Once the latest compliance policy is published, the platform immediately provides expert interpretation on the new rules and regulations, in order to help financial compliance officers to react in a timely manner. With a wealth of professional articles, practical guidance, case analysis, it completely satisfy the compliance needs for corporate compliance departments.
  • Examples include:
    • Laws for Utilization of Insurance Funds and Practical Guidance
    • Laws for Asset Securitization and Practical Guidance
    • Practical Guidance for Internal Administration in Insurance Companies
    • IPO Case Analysis
    • Banking Industry Monitoring Reports
    • and more

Smart Charts

  • We have full databases of administrative penalties documents from the Central Bank, Securities and Futures Commission, Insurance Authority, China Banking Regulatory Commission. With Big Data Analysis, we discover hidden values from all of the above penalties documents and visualize in an intelligent way.
  • Example: Capital Market Compliance Risk Alerts

List Assistant

  • With workflow in the form of lists, financial compliance tasks become easier and more highly efficient
  • Able to manage lists for key tasks, materials preparation, workflow and important issues

Contract Templates

  • The platform provides contract and non-contact templates from official authorities and lawyers
  • It also contains industry specific notes from legal experts to achieve higher convenience and accuracy

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Industry-specific Topics

Consolidated Supervision, Administrative Licensing, Banking Business, Foreign Capital Banks, Cyber Security, etc.

Corporate Governance, Utilization of Insurance Funds, Insurance Agency, Foreign Capital Insurance Companies Regulations, Insurance Business, etc.

Capital Market
IPO, NEEQ, Asset Securitization, M&A, Refinancing, Bonds, Funds, etc.

Internet Finance
P2P, Internet Asset Management, Third-Party Payment Service, Internet Finance Disputes Resolution, etc.

Futures Business Compliance

Trusts Business Compliance

Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange Management under the Current Account, Foreign Exchange Management under the Capital Account, Financial Institutions Foreign Exchange Monitoring, etc.

Financial Lease, AML, etc.

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